Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Cheer

Yesterday I finished putting up decorations(besides the trees). I put out christmas books and videos and my village. It is candles I bought on sale at Michaels one year for a dollar each. I would like to have a nice village, but nothing i have seen has really stood out to me before. Except now Sears sells a village based on the movie A Christmas Story and I think I may like to start collecting that. I am going to see if it is on sale after Christmas. The first piece I want is the Chinese restaurant!!!

I took the day off today. It was a plan day at school and the paras had the option of working if they still needed inservice hours. I was gonna work, but then decided I didn't feel like it :) I slept in until 9am, then lounged around until 10. Then I went out. I mailed some packages. I stopped by school to pick up some stuff. TJ called and was already done with work and wanted to meet for lunch so I met him at the Harley shop and then we went to Coach's. I had their yummy shrimp quesadillas.

I also went to an antique store in town and got some vintage cards, a vintage tree topper, a card holder, a little tree candle to go with a big and little one I have and some trees for my Christmas village. I resisted bying the color wheel for an aluminum tree as they did not have an aluminum tree and the lady said it wouldn't really work on an a green tree. Maybe a white one, but I am not gonna get a white one.

I had to go to Walmart, too. I think they sold out of their window clings :( I did get a little stocking for Scout and a pretty ornament instead. I also got wrapping paper, candy, socks for my secret santa and groceries. And a toy for a toy drive.

Then I headed over to the DAV Thrift Store. I wanted a little tree. I didn't see one. I got some other Christmas stuff and asked the cashier and she pointed behind me. There was one on top of a rack, right when you walk in the door!! DUH!! Only 3dollars so I got it for a theme tree in the diningroom.

This evening there is a party for work out in Milford. I am looking forward to going to that with TJ. He made me stay upstairs a little while ago while he was wrapping my presents!! Now he is out getting one he said he forgot!!

I am gonna go make a burrito pie for the party now and then relax.

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