Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Crunch

Well, with 2 days before Christmas, TJ and I decided to go to Manhattan and do a little shopping!!

Actually, I decided to go to Manhattan because I had overdue library books and I wanted to get TJ a game for the Playstation but the idiot decided he wanted to come along!!

So, anyway, after he got home from funeral practice and the freaky nuclear disaster movie I was watching was over(yeah, that was relevant holiday viewing 2 days before Christmas!!) we went.

We went to Aggieville first to eat lunch. I wanted to go to Planet Sub, but they were already closed for the holidays(poop heads!) so we spent our money at Jimmie Johns. We also stopped in the used bookstore to pet the cat. Next we dropped off the books and I discovered there is a little bed and breakfast across the street!!

Who knew?

Okay, then we went to the mall.

I had to pick up the curtains I ordered from Penney's. TJ, of course, wanted to go to Game Stop. i wanted to go there without him. i had to resort to trying to buy him a game while he was preoccupied. Do you know how small Game Stop is???? He was literally like maybe 10 feet away from me talking to some random person and looking at PSP games while I bought the thing!!. I almost got away with it except he decided he wanted to show me something while I was standing there getting the package handed to me!! I told him I was just asking them a question. Then I had to walk around with the game under my shirt.

I took these lovely shots while at the mall..

After the mall we went to Hobby lobby and Hastings. HL was having a 50% sale on Christmas stuff so I got an album for next year, some papers and stickers, plus some paper plates, invitations for next year and a gift bag.

Our last stop was Best Buy. I got to play a Wii racing game. Can you believe the steering wheel accessory is only $15.00??? We should have pooled our money and gotten a Wii for Christmas. Oh well, maybe next year. We also were mesmerized by how Blue ray movies look on High Def TV's. They are like 3-D!!! So life like!! You can play DVDs on Blue Rays, too, so that will probably be our next major purchase. After our 2nd DVD player quits on us(we already lost one).

I topped the day off by going by myself to look at lights in the hills of JC. It started getting super foggy out so I came back. It feels quite warm out(like in the 40's) so I guess we can forget about snow. Looks like it may be a slushy Christmas.

Okay, i just look at the Weather website and it says it is 34(really?) and foggy(duh), but we are still getting snow later. It will be sunny tomorrow, though, but only 28(so the snow will keep) and cloudy on Christmas, but 42(warm). But on Friday it is supposed to be 57!!!!! That's shorts weather!!

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Sharon said...

Walmart has the Wii Wheel for $9. The wheel doesn't come with the remote, you have to get that as well, but you have to have those anyway. We got a Wii this year. It is about the only thing under our tree (we got the bundle package from Walmart.com, lots of stuff included).
Merry Christmas!