Wednesday, December 3, 2008


On one of the numerous blogs I read, Fresh Baked Thoughts, Susan shared her answer to this prompt from Freckle Friends...

How do you envision the month of December? Do you have any big plans? Any new traditions or old ones? Anything new you want to do this month?

I thought I would share mine.

I envision the month of December as a preparation and celebration of Christmas.

My big plans are to have a party(I have to talk to hubby, but it looks like it will be on the 21st), do lots of baking not only for the party, but for coworkers, and to be home on Christmas day with just my husband and cat and then go to the Family Buffet Chinese restaurant for dinner. Also, I want to spend the week before Christmas going out driving to look at Christmas lights every night.

Old traditions will be looking at lights, putting up a tree and decorating the house. And baking. Oh, and opening one present on Christmas Eve(pajamas for me and I think t-shirts for TJ!!)

Slightly new traditions will be having a real tree(started that last year), going to the Chinese buffet for Christmas dinner(started that 3 years ago and then continued with my mom , but didn't do it last year so I am reviving it this year), and hanging lights outside. Of course we did this as i was growing up, but this will be the first year TJ and I will be having lights outside.

Completely new traditions will be attending a Christmas program(4th and 5th grade performance at school :)), maybe visiting the big light display in Topeka(need to get directions) and a weekend of scrapbooking/craft making. Oh, I will also be making fudge and gingerbread for the very first time.

The new traditions are the new things I am trying this month. I also decided to do something different with the Christmas trees. I am going to not have my white spiral ornament tree this year. The tree will go outside on the "porch' where it belongs. I will decorate the real tree like a regular tree and even hang lights on it(scary!!). I am not using my breakable collectors ornaments this year(too risky). I also want to look at thrift stores for a couple small artificial trees to do a couple theme trees(I used to do that years ago). I am going to hang my homemade ornaments(that went on the real tree last year) from the stair banisters and any pastel colored ones in my pink bathroom.

I invite anyone else to share their own thoughts on the prompt above. Either on your blog or in my comments :)

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susan said...

It sounds like a great month, Robyn! Enjoy it! Merry Christmas !!