Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Feelin bad, Feelin gooooooooooooooooooood

I woke up this morning with a really bad sore throat. I went to bed coughing and with a stuffy nose, but throat was fine. Not so this morning. I didn't have a fever, though, yay!!At 7:30am I called for a same day appointment. Then I called work to let them know I was not coming in.

TJ took me to the appointment at 9 am. He didn't have funeral practice until 10. The doctor was German and said it is just a virus. She prescribed 2 extra strength tylenols every 6 hours for the throat pain and Afrin for my nose. She said that for the cough she has tried cough medicine and it doesn't work, but in Germany they use codeine for coughs so as long as my cough was dry I could take 1 tylenol with codeine and 1 regular tylenol for the pain. I asked if the codeine would knock me out(since she did say I could go to work the next day!!) and she said, no, it shouldn't. That I may feel a little tired but it wasn't as potent as percoset or something else.

Okay, maybe it isn't as potent as that, but it basically has the same potency and effects as Vicodin!! Holy crap. I took it and it made me incredibly tired and loopy. It also knocked that cough right out and almost all of the throat pain!! I could have lied down and had a nice nap, but instead I sat on the couch with my hubby and worked on Christmas cards. Like with Vicodin, I found that the codeine also helps me focus on simple tasks I can do sitting down!! This how people get addicted to these things!! However, there is no way I could drive a car feeling like that.

Soooo, tomorrow, I will have to see how bad my throat and coughing is. If it isn't too bad and I think I can get by with just the regular tylenol and maybe Tussin geltabs I can go to work. If not, it will be another day home for me, but with no pain and coughing :)

In other news..... check this out...... Homemade Gift Tags by Kim. The descriptions are just as fun as the tags!! And they are really cute tags.


suzanne pena said...

*giggle* that is how medication is, isn't? i'm very glad it helped. the more you are around lots of children, the more you get sick. :(

what is funeral practice?

and kim's tags, and tag-lines, are cute!

Jessica said...

Glad you are feeling a little better. All medicine makes me loopy and tired, but not focused. I can't do anything except talk, laugh, and sleep.

Kim's tags are really nice. Thanks for the link.