Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Funeral Detail

My friend , Suzanne, asked a good question yesterday -- she wanted to know what funeral practice was. I thought I would explain a little of what my husband has been doing for work the past 2 and this month.

My husband is on Funeral Detail. When someone wants to have a military funeral for their loved one they call Fort Riley and they send out a group of soldiers to perform this service. There are usually a couple of teams in case there are 2 funerals at the same time. My husband was asked to do this 2 months ago and his time was extended until this month.

Basically, the duties my husband has is to help fold the flag on the coffin and participate in the 21 gun salute. Sometimes the soldiers are also asked to be the pall bearers. Fort Riley services a large area of Kansas, mostly in the western part of the state. Mostly the funerals are in the Wichita area.

Funeral practice is when the group practices for a funeral. They practice the flag folding and 21 gun salute as well as walking in the proper formation.

This has been a good experience for TJ. It also kept him from being on 24 hour ranges :) However, sometimes he had to work holiday weekends :(

If anyone has any other questions I'd be happy to answer them.

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Sharon said...

Jacob was on funeral detail when we first got to Riley lo those many years ago. O.k. so 4 and a half, but still. He ended up going to some funerals in Nebraska and I think a few in Oklahoma as well.

3 months? that is a long time to have funeral detail. I thought it was only a 6 week detail. He must be really good at it.