Monday, December 29, 2008

Getting My Shop On

Okay, well, i am feeling much better today, even though I slept until 2pm!! In my defense, I could not fall asleep until almost 2am and then TI was up at 6am and I joined him and had some breakfast and then went back to sleep. I also forgot to take my Celexa last night so that probably contributed a little to the wanting to sleep.

So, after I got up and dressed and going i called TJ about 3pm to see where he was. Well, he was still in Wichita having just finished the funeral. It must have been late because he expected to be home around 3pm today. So, going to get our soda machine was out of the question, so I took a trip into town.

First, I took some money out of the bank. Then I went to the DAV thrift store to look for some Valentines containers, but of course they are still selling Christmas stuff!! I got some invitations for next year. I also found some funky yellow flowered curtains for the craft room and some pink ones for the guest bathroom!! theni found a pair of jeans and a Wrangler plaid shirt circa 1980s!!

Next I went to Sonic for Happy Hour, and got a cranberry orange limeade. Then I went to walmart, but they don't have their Valentines stuff out either. So I went down to Goodwill. No Valentines stuff, but I found a nice basket so I got that and a couple Christmas decorations, a bunny decoration AND a Tommy Hilfiger Purse!!! That is the second designer or name brand purse I have found at a thrift store. Score!!

My last stop was Quiznos for a sandwich.

When I came home there was a package from TJ's dad and girlfriend. I opened it, but all the presents are wrapped so I am waiting for TJ to get home so we can open them!! I think one of them is a blanket :) Scout was examining it, too. Scout has been going outside for like 5 minutes at a time. Either he gets scared or he wants me to go out, too!!

Well, I am going to read some more blogs and start on the laundry. Have a great day!!

UPDATE -- TJ got home so we opened the presents. TJ got a really nice blue and black shirt. I got some eye shadow, an ankle bracelet, and a Hannah Montana shirt(yeah, I'm a little baffled by that one, too). For both of us we got a massage brush(well, maybe that was mine, too), salt and peeper shakers that are a carrot and a pepper(too cute!!) and a beautiful shell platter(that's what I thought was a blanket -- the box was kind of soft and floppy). Very nice gifts.

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