Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye and hello

Well, 2008 is almost over (3 hours and 20 minutes) and soon it will be 2009. I think subconciously i have been ready for this year because I kept writing 2009 on things for the past couple of months!! Not that there was anything wrong with 2008. It was an awesome year, the best thing being my job. I started in January 2008. We also moved to a bigger house and got our Harley.

I realized tonight that I am very blessed in that I have never spent a New Years Eve alone!! Except, now that I think about it, there was one year. I was housesitting for my theatre boss, Dave, and it was just me and his cats. I would have slept through it, except this guy I was dating called(he had not wanted to go out that night -- he wanted to be alone). At about 20 min to midnight. And he was like "come over". Well, he was at least 20 minutes away and I think I had a cold so I declined. Okay, that was probably the worst New Years ever.

Other memorable ones include the year my aunt and uncle visited and at midnight my mom and aunt came out of the kitchen banging on pots. I was stunned. Never saw that before. We all went into the backyard and yelled Happy New Year to the people across the creek that were doing the same thing. Another year I went to Las Vegas with friends. At 9pm we celebrated New York's midnight while we were in the New York New York hotel. We celebrated our New year on the freezing crowded streets of Las Vegas. That was the best one ever!! There was 1999 where someone shot out a transformer at midnight and the electricity went out. The jerks next door had left their kids home with a very young babysitter who was scared half to death. Luckily we had candles to give her. I spent one year with a boyfriend at the stateline at Whiskey Pete's. I spent many with my mom. I had a slumber party one year. And another I spent the night at my cousins, but earlier we went to a party at another cousins house.

Last year we were with friends after a 2 days of driving home from Florida. Today we are home after a day of driving all over Kansas :) We went to Red Lobster for dinner, saw a spectacular sunset in the rear view mirrors, and stopped at Walmart for some herring, sparkling cider and a Life(apparently we needed one). It is almost 9 pm and I am going to join my husband to play some games, maybe watch a movie and just try to make it to midnight.

What is everyone else doing/did???

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