Saturday, December 20, 2008

I may hate cookies after today

It has been a long cookie making day and I am still not done!!

I started my day by watching the 2nd half of A Very Brady Christmas, one of my favorite Christmas movies. I also cleaned the bathroom. Then I watched I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus(another favorite), while cleaning up the livingroom. didn;t finish, though. Then I started on the cookies.

Let me start by saying I will never make gingerbread cookies again. That dough is impossible to work with. I threw away about half of it and only got about 10 cookies done. And they look creepy.

Fudge was a lot easier. Loved that.

I made sugar cookie dough and found out I had to shill it for 4 hours. What the????????? I also had to chill the kolachky dough, but I knew that. In the meantime I made some chocolate chip cookie pots(made them in a muffin tin), fudge drop cookies, and Christmas snowballs.

I am taking a break now and having Sushi from the Commissary. After this I am going to finish up the livingroom and go back to the cookies. When they are done I have to clean up the kitchen. Oy. It's gonna be a long night.

UPDATE -- I finished the cookies. Didn;t make the kolachky's because I don't think I bought the filling for them!! The dough is made so I will make up a batch later this week. I can't have Christmas without them.

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