Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm baaaaaackkkkkk -- Did you miss Me?

I'm sorry, but my internet was down all weekend. I, um, sort of, kind of, forgot to pay a bill. Or 2. Well, we lost one and I think the other was overdue. Ooops. I mailed them on Friday and asked the p[eople at Embarq if they could turn it back as soon as they received them, but the girl just went ahead and did it. Yay for Embarq!!

So here is how my weekend went...

I went back to work on Friday. They thought I was pregnant and was home throwing up those 3 days instead of a cold!! That's why the principal called. LOL! Friday night I went to a Creative Memories crop at my friend, Ramona's house. I got a Christmas album for 2006 and 2007 started and mostly done.

On Saturday I went to an all day crop in Manhataan put on by the lady who used to have a scrapbook store and now sells stuff at crops. She is going to host her own small crop once a month again, like when she had the store. While there I made a bunch of ornaments, finished the Christmas album, finished making 2 recipe boxes(minus the recipes)and made some door hangers. Yay me!! Afterwards TJ and I went to dinner at a Thai restaurant. Then I started copying recipes for the boxes.

On Sunday I missed church because I took that Tylenol 3 Saturday night(I was still coughing so I was very tired and still a little stuffed up. I was able to finally stop using the nasal spray though!!). While watching a marathon of Christmas episodes on TVLAND I copied recipes for the recipe boxes(for my mother and sister in laws). Then I put up Christmas lights because TJ was too lazy to do it!! I broke a couple, but luckily I had replacements. In the evening I went to church with TJ for the Christmas Devotional broadcast from Salt Lake City. That was nice. Then we mailed Christmas cards. When we came home I watched Ice Castles for the first time and wrapped the presents for TJ's family and got them boxed up and ready to mail. I also did my mom's.

I had a very productive weekend!! Makes me think I should loose internet more often. JUST KIDDING.


Jessica said...

Haha! I think I would get a lot more done too, but I sure would miss my internet! Not to mention all you wonderful people! Haha!

Sharon said...

Ice Castles! Now that's one I haven't seen in ages! I love that movie!