Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm Officially on Winter Break!!

Today was the last day before winter break at school. It was so much fun, just like when I was a student :)

First we had an early morning breakfast meeting to reveal our Secret Santas. Mine had no idea it was me, but I correctly guessed who had me.

4 of the kindergarten kids gave me a gift. I was shocked. I really was not expecting anything. I also got a gift from a 4th grader yesterday and that shocked me, too. Nice surprises. I spent part of the morning with kindergarten doing activities in the library. Then I went to 5th grade where they made a breakfast -- pancakes, eggs, sausage and bacon -- YUM!!!! then it was off to 4th grade where they did Christmas math and then the teacher read aloud to them from tales of A Fourth Grade Nothing. I first heard that in elementary school, too, read aloud and it was awesome hearing it again and I really like how she read it!!

In the afternoon the whole school watched Horton Hears a Who(good movie) on a large Mickey Mouse blow up screen!! Then we sang Christmas songs. In afterschool program we played a trivia game.

When i got home I discovered that TJ had not only swept the floors like I asked, he also, cleaned up the messes in the bathroom and livingroom and shoveled snow!! I was so happy. Less for me to do tomorrow. The package from my mom came and with our presents she included a shawl for me that belonged to our old neighbor who died and her son gave it to my mom to keep or send to me. My mom called to say her package from us arrived, too (LOL) and that my cousin, Melissa, is having a girl!

TJ and I needed to go shopping for the party so we were going to go to commissary, but TJ wanted to get dinner so we were going to do that and then go to Dillons(open later), but we couldn;t decide where to go in JC so we went to Manhattan. we planned on going to Carlos O'kelly's, but the wait was too long, so we went to HuHot. I made the best combination ever there. Hope I remember it for next time!!

Then TJ wanted to walk around the mall. We went to Gamestop and then I saw Bath and Body Works was having a sale so i went there and TJ said he would be around. I found some stuff on sale and took advantage. When I came out I found TJ quickly , but he had something stuffed in his jacket. I was able to feel a bit and I believe he bought me Singstar for our Playstation!! He then hid it in the back of the car.

We made it to Dillons and got everything for our party on Sunday. Now I am home and exhausted so I will say goodnight!! Lots of baking(and a little cleaning and organizing) to do tomorrow!!


Kim said...

That's so cool about Melissa!

Jessica said...

My friend Connie has Singstar and it's sooo much fun! If that's what he got you, you'll definitely enjoy it. I'm hoping Keith got me a game or two too. I mentioned I would like the new Scene It or either See You in the Movies. :)