Monday, December 29, 2008

A Moment of Reflection

As I slept in until 2pm today and was out doing some needless errands I ralized how incredibly lucky I am to have a job that allows me to have 2 weeks off for Christmas. For the past 2 years I have also been blessed to not have had to work at all so i was able to have time to recuperate from the holidays as well. And the year before that I took vacation time.

Anyway... when I started working after college we did not have 2 or even one week off at Christmas. I worked in the medical claims industry so if the medical offices were open, we were open. We got a half day on Christmas Eve and all of Christmas. Same with New Years. We also got other big government holidays like Labor Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Thanksgiving off, but not the day after until a couple years later.

When I moved to Florida I worked at the Home Depot National Call Center and that was worse. The only official company wide day off was Christmas, because the stores were closed. On Thanksgiving they did it on a volunteer basis and thankfully there were always enough people volunteering to come in that I did not have to. Not that the US stores were open on Thanksgiving, but the Canada stores were as their Thanksgiving was a different day. Now they did do a thing on holidays called VTO(voluntary time off) where if they didn't need a full staff they would let you go home early(without pay of course)and that was done by a lottery system. It pretty much sucked. When I think back on the job itself, as well, and what I had to do, the kinds of people I had to deal with and the stress, I honestly don't know how I did it.

It all makes me think of how blessed I am now to be working in a school. I work with people who care about each other and the kids. I don't deal with complaints all day long(maybe a few, but they are manageable, LOL!!). I don't have to try to sell stuff to people(except maybe the fact of what they are learning is important). I get 2 weeks at Christmas and a week in the spring plus all major government holidays and some bonus days like planning days and conference days. I can even have the whole summer off if I would like, but if not there are summer jobs made available to us. While I enjoy my vacations, like now, I do look forward to going back and going to work every day and not dreading what kind of phone calls I am going to get(I don't get any!!).

I just feel very lucky right now to have found a job that makes me happy and gives me adequate time off.


Jessica said...

I worked from Movie Gallery in college and they were open 365 days a year. I always got stuck working on Christmas and I hated it. It was always slow and I remember sitting on the counter watching Christmas movies and playing cards with the other workers. Haha. I'm glad I no longer have to do that. I don't think anyone should have to work Christmas.

Robyn :) said...

Oh yeah, I forgot about movie places. I hope they paid you double time. I think we did get that at Home Depot of it was a holiday.

Chinese restaurants are open, too, but the one owner of the place my mom and I went to told us he would be doing the same thing at home -- having dinner with his family(they were at their own table), so he wanted to be open for his customers.