Sunday, December 28, 2008

Need or Want?

I NEED a webcam!!! Kim got one and I can see her so it is only fair that she see me!! I know that TJ and I were planning to wait to get one when he deployed again, but my friend has one so now I NEED one.

I also NEED a Blackberry. I want to be able to blog and send email from wherever. That's what a Blackberry is for, right?

I WANT a Wii. They have so many fun games. I can wait, though, because I have Singstar for the Playstation!!

I WANT a Blue Ray player. And a high definition flat screen TV. The movies look like 3-D. Plus, you can play DVD's on the Blue Ray so you get more for your money.

I WANT an Ipod. I would like to take the music I like with me wherever I go.

I NEED a 3rd job.


Kim said...

LOL!!!!!!!! My Web cam was a gift, so that's my excuse

Anonymous said...

Ipod for me as well, thanks. It would be so good to have it. I am taking ages to buy one.

Jessica said...

Haha! I didn't think I would like an Ipod, but Keith won one in a contest at work a little while back and I adore it! I swear electronics are an addiction!