Saturday, December 27, 2008

An Ode To Water (and some thoughts on church)

What is it about water that is so soothing? Is it because it reminds us of being in our mother's wombs? All this evening I have been feeling crappy from what I suspect is the flu(oh yeah, I had the shot, but you can still get a mild case!!) and all i wanted was a nice warm bath. Even though I had a fever, I was willing to risk it to feel that nice warm water over me and to lie there with a warm wet cloth over my eyes so I could relax. Last night I had chills and even though I knew it would cause a higher fever, I took a hot bath to get rid of the chills because that was all that seemed to work.

Aside from baths(and showers, because sometimes when I am feeling down a shower helps and it also gives me a place to think) I also love to be near or on the water. Or in it. I love to swim and be near the pool in the summer. It was even soothing to watch my 4th graders take pool safety lessons from the sidelines and just get my feet wet from the water on the concrete!! I have always loved going to the beach and being in the waves or just sitting on the beach listening to the ocean. I love going out to the lake and swimming or being on a boat. I would like to take a boat ride or even a kayak on a river sometime.

I even like rain. The more the better!! I love the sound of it on the roof. I love watching it come down. I also like water fountains for goodness sakes!!

I have decided to make one of my New Years Resolutions about water. I am going to drink at least one bottle of water a day and I will not drink anything else until I have had that one bottle. So, if I am craving soda I need to chug down that bottle first!! I am hoping this will help me become more healthy and inspire me to make other healthy choices like in what food I eat and maybe it will give me the necessary energy to start exercising regularly. Let's hope. I am also hoping it will give my life more balance because you know we are supposed to be 2/3 water just like the earth and the closer we can come to be balanced with the earth the better!! I don't think I am making sense, but in my mind it works so go with it!!

Speaking of resolutions, my other ones are more spiritual. First, I plan to read the scriptures with my husband everyday, which we are supposed to be doing anyway. This year we are on the Doctrine and Covenants so those are pretty easy to read and stick to. We also need to get back into the habit of praying on our knees.

Another, personal resolution, is to make an effort to get to church every week and stay there. If it feels overwhelming I will take a walk or something, but I don't want to go and then leave early, forcing my husband to miss meetings, too. I have been really bad about missing church lately and not just because of being sick. There have been a couple of weeks where I just did not feel like it and talked myself out of it. I made a HUGE effort last week to be there, even though it was hard, but I did it. So I know I can continue to do it. I also know there will be great blessings from going more often and getting back on track. I have missed interacting with people from church, too, and have hardened my heart in regards to some things. I am trying to change that and concentrate more on giving service to get me back to a better place and feel better about church and what i need to be doing. Don't worry!! I have not broken any commandments(well, except that thou shall not covet thing -- I covet lots of things!!) or covenants or anything!! I just don't feel like I am spiritually where I need to be. I think I have been focusing too much on the "cultural" part of my religion(fellow Mormons can probably understand this more) and rebelling against that and being disillusioned and I need to focus on the spiritual. Focus on my relationship with God and living a Christ- Centered life. Getting myself to feel worthy and prepared to go to the temple again(especially when they build that one in the Kansas City area!!). To remember why I love this church so much and why I converted. I know it is true, but I need to rediscover why and to build my testimony again.

Well, this post was supposed to be about water, but I guess I had some other stuff on my mind. Thanks for listening!!(or reading).


Pienovski said...

Lovely post. I love rain too. The sound of it is so relaxing.

"I am going to drink at least one bottle of water a day and I will not drink anything else until I have had that one bottle. So, if I am craving soda I need to chug down that bottle first!!"

Ok I am with you here. I will live up with this promise. It is a good one. "will not drink anything else until..." I am going to check up on you on this!!! Lol!

my word verification is REACT. It is funny because that is exactly what happened. :) I will think of you everytime I drink my daily bottle of water.

Robyn :) said...

I hope you do check up on me, Ida!!
I am starting New Years day, but I am practicing by drinking water the next couple days and trying to finish a bottle!! They are 1 pint bottles.