Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sick of being sick

I stayed home yet another day because I didn't feel good this morning. This time, though, I think it was the medicine making me sick :(

The Tylenol 3 worked really good on tuesday when I first took it. On Wednesday I slept all day. Except when I tried being on the computer and then I got dizzy and nauseous. I took it agagin this morning and it knocked out any pain and coughing, but made me sick. I was nauseous and it got worse when the stuff was wearing off!! I think i went through some kind of withdrawal. In any case, I'm done with it. the cough is turning wet anyway so I am not supposed to take it anymore.

My principal called me, too, to check up on me. I explained I had a cold real bad and the medicine(codeine) they gave me was knocking me out(I skipped the nausea part). I told her I should be there tomorrow, though. I may not be able to breathe(will explain in a minute), but at least I will be alert and not nauseous!!

My nose is getting worse, though. I have been taking the nasal spray, but when it starts to wear off it is almost unbearable. I just took some an hour ago(one puff each side)and it STUNG the left side. It actually brought tears to my eyes. I think it's because my sinuses hurt. It cleared me up, though :) I should be good until morning.

I did manage to go to our Battalion's Christmas party tonight, even though I was having trouble breathing(I don't think I took enough spray before -- I think it was like a drop instead of a squirt!!) and my sinuses hurt. I had a good time, though. The food was good, the set up was really nice, we met some nice people and hung out with our friends. There was a raffle, but we didn't win anything. The colonel gave all of the families an ornament, which was very nice. Santa came and so did an elf :) I will have pictures for you sometime this weekend(probably late Saturday or sometime on Sunday).

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