Sunday, December 28, 2008

Slowly Coming Back To Life

Okay, well, I did not feel well enough to make it to church this morning(and poor TJ had trouble teaching our group in primary this morning!! We have one more week -- if we don't end up getting called to do it long term-- and I will try very hard to make it next week!! i did mangage to rpepare the lesson for him, though), but I have been feeling better throughout the day.

I have made progress on the craft room. I got all of the Christmas projects put away(and stored in my craftroom closet for easy access) and got out supplies for Valentine projects. I need to scour the thrift shops to find some red and pink containers to set everything out on my craft table, though. Hopefully they have started putting out Valentine's stuff!! I am still putting some stuff away and should have it done later tonight so I can start creating!! yay! There should also be another crop (or 2)in January so I can hopefully get some more pages in my album from last year done!! I am not printing out any more photos until the ones I have are scrapped!! My plan is to gather all the elements for the pages together to take and then just scrap with what I have, rather than taking all of my supplies!! Much easier.

TJ has another funeral tomorrow so I will be home. Gonna do some laundry and maybe start gathering Christmas stuff to put away. I hate to do it so early, but I have this next week off so I might as well take advantage of the free time. Although I do have a 3 or 4 day coming up in January, too!!

I also have put together some tentative New Years plans. TJ and I are going to have our own private party and are just gonna watch movies and play board and Playstation games and have cheese and crackers and then some herring at midnight(it is a Polish tradition, though neither of us is Polish!! My aunt introduced it into our family and it was something me and my mom did). I am also going to go old school at mignight and bang on pots and pans for noisemakers!! Too much fun!! During the day I am going to try to catch the Rose Parade on HGTV(how awesome is it that they show that??) and maybe TJ and I will go somewhere. KC perhaps?

What are your plans for New Years? Any cool traditions?

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