Monday, December 8, 2008

Tough Christmas Decisions

I think i already talked about how I decided not to use my spiral tree as an ornament tree this year. That was tough because I like to display my ornaments. Plus, I am not going to use my collector ones(the ones in the picture above)because I am afraid Scout will break them(I lost 2 last year).

Well, I had to make 2 more tough decisions concerning Christmas stuff this weekend.

The first was I decided not to put my Christmas letter/list in the cards this year. I have been doing this for at least 10 years now and this really pained me to not do it. The reason is my printer needs reparing and it is too much hassle to find another way to get them printed and copied, plus cut. I would not be able to send them next year, either, because I am sending Christmas postcards. I wanted to get the cards out now, too. So, I sealed them all up, got enough stamps and sent them out last night!! I did experience a bit of a Christmas miracle when I received another set of address labels in the mail!! That saved me from writing my address on about 1/2 of the cards!!

The second decision was to throw away my spiral tree. A whole middle section of lights was not working. I was going to put the tree on my porch and I had some thing to put in front of the tree and it worked, but then you could hardly open the front door!! So it is going in the trash.

On a lighter note, the thing I was going to put in front of the tree was a little creation I made that I like to call Mr. Santa Pumpkin. Remember the stuffed pumpkin head guy from Halloween? well, we saved him, and one of the pumpkins is still in good shape so I dressed the thing up like Santa with an outfit and hat and he is sitting up by the storage shed!! It looks ridiculous. There will be pictures.

Hopefully everything else will work for Christmas!!

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Kim said...

Really?? No Christmas letter? You've been doing those since college. (I think?) Oh well, if it'll be a pain to get them done, then that's fine.