Saturday, January 10, 2009

Am I really "cleaning"?

I have been somewhat productive today. After sleeping in until 10am and then watching TV for an hour then spending some time on the computer(and photographing cards for the last post and organizing them with envelopes), I finally got myself downstairs and started working on the livingroom.

First thing I did, though, was go out to the storage shed and remove some boxes. We have friends who are moving in the next 2 weeks and were desperate for boxes. Just the kind of situation we kept the boxes for!! I took out what I wanted to keep. I also realized that if I had not gotten rid of the boxes, there would have been a tight fit for my storage tub!!

I got the last of the Christmas decorations into the tub. I shook out the sheets that were under the tree(which is sitting in my front yard because we missed the trash pickup on Wednesday!!) Then I took down cards. First I double checked who they came from and marked them off in my address book/tracker. Then I set aside all the picture cards and pictures I got for the refrigerator and the Christmas letters and cards I really wanted to keep to scrapbook. Last I went through and ripped off the fronts of the cards I liked best to make Christmas postcards next year :)

I also managed to put a few things away in other rooms, where they belonged. I also wrapped Alli's birthday present for her party today. Then our friend came and took all the boxes except 2(one full of packing paper and one I think that has trash in it!!) because he ran out of room in the truck!! That left me with a ton of space so I put the tub in their, plus 2 plastic chairs. There is still a lot of room.

I also managed to eat a little lunch. I really don't feel like I "cleaned" yet, though!! Oh well. There is next Saturday. And Monday because I get that off. And half of Friday(I have inservice in the morning).

Now I need to get ready to go to a couple of parties :)

Anyone else get anything done today?

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Anonymous said...

LOL! You clean like me! Then at the 11th hour, I do it all.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I thought I'd post this here so Scout wouldn't know, (cats always seem to know though, don't they?) but I have some horror stories about my sister's cat the stuff he did...chewed up brand new wood furniture is probably his biggest claim to fame.

cute blogs, and even cuter cat!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)