Monday, January 26, 2009

Army Housing is Not bad

I just wanted to clear some things up. If you watched Extreme Home Makeover last night you will understand why. Although it was a good epeisode and I cried through most of it, there was some stuff said and implied about army housing and the army in general that kind of ticked me off.

First of all, I know they needed to play up the family's desperate need for a new house, but in doing so it seemed to make army housing sound bad, and this is not the case. First of all, they were lucky to be in the housing they were. It was either a 4 or 5 bedroom home. Not that this was mentioned. They only showed the livingroom, kitchen and one bedroom. Judging from what their old home looked like, they probably had the same amount of bedrooms so someone was sharing rooms, as would be the case with the army housing. It is based on the number of kids you have and their ages and genders. For this family, the nephew would have his own room, the babies would share and the 2 others would probably have their own. Let's see, that would be.... 5 bedrooms(I am including the master bedroom). They may have been in a 4 bedroom, though, because that may have been what was available to them. It is the housing that is used for people residing on post. Normally, if you are in "temporary" housing you are in a hotel type deal with a kitchenette. These people were in a regular Post home. Yes, it looked a little bare, but that was because all of their stuff was lost in the tornado!! Normally, there would be stuff on the walls. And yes it was white(Ty made sure to play this up!!), but that is standard!! You can paint it, but when you leave you have to paint it back or get fined(like any rental property). I can assure you that the house had at least 2 bathrooms, a dishwasher, a garbage disposal, oven, stove, and a refrigerator with an icemaker. They all do. So, yes, they lost their own home, but what they were living in is what thousands of people here CHOOSE to live in. For some people, these are the nicest homes they have EVER lived in. So it was not as bad as the show made it seem.

Second, they really seemed to make it sound like the dad was going to be kicked out of the army with no place to go and no help. Not true. For all soldiers, whether they are wounded and need to to leave or our leaving on their own, the army does help you transition out and into the civilian world. They will help you look for a job. When my husband was thinking of leaving, these things were offered to him. The dad also said that he was expecting orders anytime telling him when he would be leaving and then 5 days after that date he would have to be out of the army housing. Okay, true, but I am pretty sure that they would not give him orders telling him he was leaving like in a week. They would give him enough time to find a place to live and maybe a job. My guess would be like a month's notice, if not more. Then yes, after that leave date he would have 5 days to clear. But of course, for the sake of the show, they had play up the desperateness.

I am glad that with all this family has been through that they got a new home and some security, but it just irked me that it really seemed to shed the army(and its housing) in a bad light.

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Sharon said...

Wow, I'm glad I didn't watch it then. I actually forgot it was on. But now I'm glad I didn't see it. I get so angry and defensive when people knock the Army and it's housing. Ecspecially when it's for the purpose of Hollywood. *rolling eyes*