Saturday, January 24, 2009

Block Pictures

I forgot to mention yesterday that I would be posting a picture of the blocks and 2 people went ahead and asked me to post them!! Anyway, here they are....

In the examples they showed us they had them different colors and showed a light blue. I was going to just do them all in red because then I could use them in my livingroom, diningroom or bedroom. Then I saw that the blue they had was actually a bright blue and they had used white to tone it down on the example. Having already done 2 red blocks and not happy with how they turned out(the red was too thin), I was annoyed I hadn't discovered the blue sooner. I tried it and loved it. I decided I would do 4 blue blocks and only 2 reds. Then I realized that if I put another coat on the red they looked fine. So I did 3 red and 3 blue. I was happy with the result.

The letters were used using vinyl lettering. You take a piece of vinyl with a sticky back and lift the letter, then you transfer it to the block. Everyone's came out so nice.

Let me tell you another reason why this was an awesome enrichment activity. First, we all sat at the long tables with our blocks and sanded them. then, to paint, you had to get up and go to the table with the colors you wanted. This meant you get to talk to other people. When doing you letters, you went to the stage. So basically, we were able to move around and interact with different people. I think this makes for a better enrichment night as well.

Another tip if you ever go to an activity like this. I sanded 2 blocks at a time, then painted them. Then sanded 2 more and painted them. Then the 3rd pair. I did this so I would not be standing around waiting for the paint to dry on all 6 of them at one time. The paint was dry on the first blocks by the time I was done painting them all so I could start on the letters.

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