Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Change is inevitable

Especially when you are an Army wife and work in a school!!

No changes on the army front, but I had another change at work today!! As my supervisor called it, change number 83. LOL They changed a couple Para schedules, including mine. Everything is the same, but instead of going back to kindergarten for the whole afternoon, I only go back at 3pm and I am now working with a 4th and 5th grade reading group. I am very excited about this because they read chapter books and I get to spend some more time with the upper grades. Plus, I am working with a teacher I have not worked with before, so it is nice to be with someone new(to me). The class is really awesome, too. They are reading Dear Mr. Henshaw, by Beverly Cleary and are really excoted about it. The teacher asked them to tell me about it and I think all of them had something to say. Plus, they are ahead on the reading. I am so proud fo the kiddos!!

Also, kindergarten has started their reading curriculum and they have their own reading homework. Another leader and I have been working with a few in the afterschool program and listening to them read and helping them and it is so much fun!! It is awesome to see them just learning how to read and stretch and sound out their words. They get so excited, too!!

I don;t mind the changes at all. The supervisors sounded a little apologetic about another change(seriously, for me, this is only the 2nd change!!), but I told them I'm an army wife, change is my life!! They pretty much know, too, that I will do whatever they ask without complaining :) I like the variety and challenges :)

So, it was a very good day, even though I have not seen my husband since 5:30am!! He had a funeral out by the Colorado border and then meetings in town tonight. He should be home after 9pm. So, it is just me and the pooh!!(who is taking a nap on the craft table, as usual. at least I am not working there). The Schwann's man came and I got more decorations put away. Unfortunately, our tree did not get put out today for the pickup so we are stuck with it another week!! I think I am going to make TJ take it outside at least!! I need the space back!!

How is everyone else's week going?


Sharon said...

Jacob got told at 8:45 this morning that he has staff duty tonight. It's the 3rd time in 3 weeks. Sucks. He was 1 of the few NCO's who didn't take vacation so he got stuck with it twice during the holidays. Would have been nice if we had gotten a little more notice about today's staff duty. *sigh* So I won't see him till 9:30 tomorrow morning. Other then that I'm way tired and ready for bed which is where I am headed. Miss you all!

Anonymous said...

"I'm an army wife, change is my life!! "

Such a wonderful attitude you have. I can learn a lot from you in this respect. I will keep saying this to myself today, and remember it the years to come.

BTW How is you water resolution sticking!!!! I am still on it! Think of you everyday!!! Lol