Sunday, January 4, 2009

Close Call

So, remember how I said last night I would probably end up with a calling to work in primary at church? Well, I didn't. HA! But TJ did. They also switched the classes up for the new year so his class is a manageable size AND his group is amazingly reverent and well-behaved. So he is good to go without me. He says he can even plan the lessons on his own. Cool. Less work for me. I guess now I should really study my scriptures more :)

So, not only did I go to church today(starting the new year off right!!), I also signed up to go to an Enrichment meeting on the 22nd!! I have not been going because I work 9 hour days and then don't feel like hanging around town for an hour, then going and listening to talks for an hour or so, but they are making decorative blocks this time that say FAMILY, and I thought that would be fun so I signed up!! TJ can go, too, and do childcare.

We also had a little friend sit with us today during Sacrament Meeting. He is only 2years old, but he was so well behaved!! He chattered a bit, but he never cried or yelled or anything. Wasn't squirmy either. He just sat with us and looked at his books or played with the bulletin or scribbled on paper with crayons. He also just kept smiling. Such a sweetheart.

I was extremely tired when I woke up this morning and really had to force myself out of bed and to get dressed and all, but I made it, and I am glad I did.

I am grateful for going to church :)

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