Friday, January 23, 2009

Enriching my life

I got home a little late last night and didn't have time to read blogs so I caught up on them this evening.

We had an Enrichment Night at church. It's something we Mormon women do. It used to be called Homemaking(before I was a member) and they taught you homemaking tips, but obviously times have changed so they changed it. It also used to be monthly and now it is quarterly(which I don't mind). It also used to be a whole lot more fun. The last few I attended (before last night) were kind of boring to me. One was a couples conference (which is not the best idea for a military ward as many spouses are deployed , but people were encouraged to go anyway. If my husband had been deployed I would not have gone. Although some of the topics were interesting, it got a little long. Another one was a series of workshops/lectures. Again, some interesting topics, but got kind of boring. The ones I missed were dinners with speakers and some other lecture type stuff(I think). Nothing I really wanted to spend my evening after working 9 hours doing.

Until last night. Last night they did a craft. I love crafts. We useed to do more crafts at enrichment. We would even have a SUPER SATURDAY once a year with several hours dedicated to making projects. We had one the first year I was here and it was the day after my husband deployed and I still went and it was sooooo good for me and I loved the projects. I made a hat and scarf, wall hanging(which, come to think of it, is missing), and ornaments!! They even made sushi!!!! You had to pay for a couple things(because people teaching were using their own supplies), but it was so worth it. Last I heard we were not supposed to have these anymore.

Why you ask? My understanding is that the enrichment nights need to focus more on spirituality and things that will "enrich" our lives. Things that will teach us how to live better and improve ourselves or something. Translation -- boring things.

Last night the Stake Relief Society members came and showed us how to make blocks that spelled out family. they provided all the supplies. Before we got started there was a brief lesson including scripture. Then we got to work!! We had 6 blocks. First we sanded them(or you could do this after you painted for a distressed look). Then we painted them. We had 5 or 6 colors to choose from. I did mine in red and blue. Then you let them dry. Then you put vinyl letters on them to spell out FAMILY. The lesson before was on family and what each letter could mean. Short, simple and then a fun activity.

There were a lot of people there. I asked one girl if there were normally this many people and the just shook her head. Okay, that should tell you something. What kind of enrichment nights do members like coming to??? Craft ones!! You can bring a friend, too(doesn't have to be a church member). Great missionary opportunity. You think people want to come to a lecture?? No. A craft? You bet!! I have had this discussion with my husband a few times. Enrichment nights were a lot more fun with the activities we used to do(not just crafts either) and they were a variety of things. Not just conferences and workshops and lecture type deals. Dinners with a game or a theme, a craft night, cooking or baking, a "fair" type thing where you could just go look at different things, for as little or as long as you wanted.

So, my point is, they really need to look at what works for enrichment nights and what doesn't. And bring back Super Saturday!!

Okay, on to another subject. I found a couple "new" blogs today, from church members. Well, one family has moved to Korea so that is what their blog is about. Then i found anther blog from someone in our ward. I didn't realize anyone from church( except Sharon, but she moved) had one!! I am excited to read theirs.

I also started reading one from my old Stake President in Florida , who is on a couples mission with his wife in Prague. I have had this one in my favorites, but never looked at it. I don't know why. I just didn't want to. It's weird. I loved this Stake President. I got to know him because I was in Young Singles and he hosted stuff at his house. Then he had to interview me for my temple recommend and when I took out my endowments, so did his son. Same day, same session. So, not only was my Bishop there, so was my stake president!! He was a really nice man and his wife was awesome, too. So I started reading their blog and now I have 2 years of it to catch up on.

Okay, well, that has been my last 2 evenings. Tomorrow I am going to stay in my sweats all day and clean/organize the bedroom and closet and watch lots of TV!! I am going to try reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaallllllllly hard to go to church on Sunday and on Sunday night I am watching Extreme Home Makeover. It is the one from here and Chapman and I have already seen a preview of sorts and got teary so I will probably be crying through the whole 2 hours!!!

Oh, it also SNOWED this evening!! Enough to coat everything and since it will be so dang cold the next few days it will stay and then on Sunday it is supposed to snow again and on Monday and Tuesday, too!!! Yay winter!!


Sharon said...

Post pictures of the blocks! I would love to see them. Sounds like a fun activity!

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same. Would love to see the things you've made! I love crafts as well.