Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Historic Day

I was very excited to watch the inauguration live on TV today. In all my 33 years I have never seen one. Although, my mom, who is 71 years old believes she has only seen one(not counting today) and cannot remember who it was for!!! Anyway, I never really had any desire to watch one before as it never seemed like the candidate I wanted to win won.

But even though I did not vote for President Obama(we can call him that now!!) I was very excited for the opportunity to see this historic event live on TV. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to work in a school district that encouraged everyone to watch it in their schools, for a principal who made sure that all the students and adults in our school had the opportunity and our library staff who let all but 2 classes come down (they decided not to) and cram into the library to watch on 2 TVs because the internet feeds were breaking up. It is always exciting to see history being made.

Not only was this historic, swearing in the first black president, it was also a very triumphant and hopeful day for many. I am hoping not to sound racist here, but being that President Obama is black I think it made a lot of people feel that truly anyone in America could one day become president. Because, let's face it, up until now all the presidents have been middle-aged to older white men. Mostly rich or from priviledged backgrounds (I believe Jimmy Carter is one of the few, if only, presidents to actually come from a poor background). I am sure that one day we will even have a woman president!!

As I have mentioned before, I did not vote for President Obama(the people I vote for never win). I fully support him as president, though, and I feel confident having him as my president. Listening to his address(though it was quite long!!), I felt a sense of peace that things will get better for America and that President Obama is a very capable leader. He has a tough 4 years ahead of him. Sadly, he is going to have to work twice as hard to prove himself a good leader, but I believe he can do it. And if he does he will be getting my vote in 2012(or maybe not as I never vote for the winners so maybe I better vote for who I don't want to win!!)

I welcome anyone else's thoughts on today, as well as any corrections or comments on what I have said :) Feel free to argue with me, too!!

UPDATE: I just saw a bit of CNN's coverage of the inaugural balls(didn't realize there was more than one!!) and one of them was the Commander-In-Chief Ball for military. I forget that the president is also in charge of military. Seeing him dance with a female soldier made me teary eyed because I now feel I can be proud of and have respect for the person who is ultimately my husband's "boss". I feel the leadership of the past 8 years has been crap for the most part. I would venture to say that maybe the first four years were okay(especially after 9/11, I will say that Bush handled that well), but that the last four were a mistake. An error, if you will, and today was the end of an error(I didn't make that up -- I saw it on a t-shirt a year ago). That was another thing that made me okay with Obama being chosen president. No matter who was chosen, we were done with Bush and that was a reason to celebrate. I am hoping that President Obama has chosen good and knowledgeable advisors to help him decide what our next steps in the war in Iraq will be. I would like to see more power be given to the Iraqi government and more training for their soldiers so they can do the job we are over there doing. I would like to see them willing to train(because that is part of the problem) and proud of their own country and willing to fight for it so that they will not rely on us so much. I think that is a huge part of why we are not leaving -- codependency, but that is a subject for another post!! Kind of got off subject there!!

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