Monday, January 26, 2009

It Pays to Clean Your Room

Literally!! I found $40.00 while cleaning in there!! A bank envelope had fallen and when I picked it up I could tell it had coins in it. When I went to retrieve them I also found 2 Twenties!! Yahoo!! I gave one to TJ and kept the other.

I was productive this evening. Well, first of all, I left my second job early. It had started to snow and sleet and I had my car and was a little afraid of the roads getting icy. Plus, I was developing a stomach ache(too much Pepsi). I stopped at the shoppette on the way home and got some milk, Dr. Pepper for TJ and canned pasta for myself(I had to hide it so Tj wouldn't eat it!!). After drinking the milk and having some dinner I felt better. Enough, in fact, that when the Bachelor came on I got to work, first paying some bills(I'm ahead this month!!), then cleaning my room, finally. Except for the closet. Saving that for next Monday. I also did 2 loads of laundry!!

The snow has stopped, but we are supposed to get more later tonight. Only 1/2 inch, though. Blah!! It is going to get warmer this weekend(almost 50!!) so maybe Tj and I will take a trip to Topeka. We are wanting to go to Olive Garden. Oh, did I mention -- today was his last day on funeral detail!!!!!

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Jennifer P. said...

OH wow! Maybe if you come clean my room you'll find money for me too :)?!

What a fun surprise!