Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I've Missed This!!

Okay, so my life is on hold for the minute as I sit riveted to the computer watching streaming viseo of a car chase from California!! This exciting to me. I have always loved car chases and this is one of the things i miss the most about California!!

I had plans to go to Walmart tonight to buy a baby gift for a coworker, but that is not looking like it is going to happen!! Seriously, once you start watching, you cannot stop!!

TJ discovered this on Headline News and I was watching on the TV, but they kept going to commercial or talking about other things and putting it in a little box in the corner so I brought it up live on The KCBS, Channel 2(from L.A.) website.

I also called my mom to make sure she was watching. It's kind of sad when I have to call her from Kansas to tell her about a car chase in her state!! LOL. But she loves them , too. She usually will click over to KTLA or KCAL(the channels that always pick these up)to see if there is one. She will call me, too, to find it online :) But I found this one first!!

They are getting ready to put out a spike strip now to flatten her tires. Boo!! That's no fun!!
Oh Oh!!! She saw the strip and went to the other side of the highway (wrong way, but there was no traffic) to avoid it!!

Okay, gonna keep watching, I will have an update later.

I know, I can be pathetic sometimes, but this a true favorite pastime of Southern Californians.!!

UPDATE : I think the driver ran out of gas. Anway, she pulled over and tried to run and was even pounding on the windows and doors of other cars pulled over , but the police caught up with her and got her. That's how they all end, but it was still fun to watch, anyway :)

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