Friday, January 2, 2009

Just the Honest Facts, Ma'am

Okay, Ida did this and left an open invitation so of course I am doing it!!

Here's what it is..
Ok. This is the fine print that comes with the Honest Crap Award: The honorees are to: a) first list 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep! B) pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap.

Not sure why it is called "scrap". Notice Ida wrote the word "crap". I like that much better, LOL!!

Anyway, modeling my facts after hers, so here they are...

1. Ongoing Fact --- I have written about this before, but I absolutely cannot stand bagpipes!! The sound annoys me to no end. It is grating. I went to a highschool where our mascot was a Highlander, which are the fools in the Scottish army who would go out ahead of eveyone with no weapons, just playing the bagpipes. Of course they would get killed( not actually a bad thing in my opinion!!). I still think they killed them because of the sound!! Anyway, we had a bagpipe player at our football games and I think that's where my aversion comes from, since I hated high school(hey, another fact!!). Now, when I hear them, I will leave the room or even a building when they are inside OR I will get as far away as possible from them when I am outsdie or even cover my ears if I have to(rude, I know). My Scottish ancestors are ashamed of me, I know.

2. Very Recent Fact -- I just read Twilight for the first time. I resisted this book and series for a long time for 2 reasons. One, I don't like vampire stories in general. Two, all the hype. I like to rebel once in awhile. Plus, I seem to be rebelling from Mormon cultural things lately and this was a book all the Mormons were reading, so I wanted to be different and not read it. LOL!! What changed my mind? Well, our long term Kindergarten sub at school was telling me and the student teacher about it and describing what it was about and how it wasn't gory and all the different storylines and it sounded like something I might actually enjoy. When I saw it at Walmart on Black Friday at a discount price I decided to give it a try. I really enjoyed it. I bought New Moon today. Now I just have to decide if I want to keep the books or sell them to the used bookstore.

3. Silly Honest Fact -- When we go to HuHot for dinner I like using the bathroom, just so I can do mock karate moves in front of the sensor on the towel dispenser and when it gives me my paper towel, I bow to it. When no one else is in the bathroom, of course!!

4. Fact From The Past -- I HATED high school. I hated the school before I even went there. I thought it looked like a prison. I hated being there, but loved most of my teachers. I was pretty much a loner. At the beginning of my Junior Year I told myself I would try and have school spirit. I tried, but it didn't work. Senior Year, for homecoming, I sat on the rival teams side. Seriously. It was our rival school, which one of my bestest friends happened to go to and her brother was in band. I had attended several of their games with her and her parents. We always went out to eat first. Homecoming was no exception. I cheered my hardest against my high school. They still won. I am still disappointed about my last day. When the bell rang I wanted to just bolt out of my seat and get the heck out of that school once and for all, but we were having a discussion about something and had to wait. I walked out of the school with dignity, though.

5. Food Fact -- I choked on a tomato in a restaurant when I was like 3 or 4 and refused to eat tomatoes for years after. I claimed I did not like them. I finally tried them again when i was a teenager and liked them. I also choked on bacon when I was like 2, but don't remember and never refused to eat it!!

6. Celebrity Facts -- I have met a good deal of celebrities in my life. I met game show host Chuck Woolery at the airport when I was 3. He hosted Wheel of Fortune at the time which I watched with my grandma. I was really shy and kept hiding behind my mom, but I remember looking up at him and I remember it being very noisy. He was very nice to us. I said hi to Weird Al at Knott's Berry Farm and he said hi back. I met john Malkovich(he is probably the biggest celebrity I have met)at Sunset Blvd. A classmate convinced me to go and say hi to him so we went and shook hands with him and told him we liked his movies. He was very nice to us, too. I saw Tina Yothers from Family Ties at a restaurant. I met Chad lowe(brother of Rob Lowe, ex husband of Hilary Swank) at a screening of an independent movie he was in. He was my friend, Laura's, most favorite actor and we went to the movie and a Q and A afterwards then got to talk to him and take a picture(I have it somewhere). He signed autographs for us and was just extremely friendly and awesome. one thing that stands out in my mind is that Laura had a picture of him and his wife, Hilary Swank, to autograph and when he saw it he said excitedly "that's my wife!!" Kind of sad, now. He really loved her. I was sorority sisters with Andrea Barber of Full House. I saw Jeff Goldblum at the airport. And last, but not least, I met Barry Williams, aka Greg Brady, when he did a presentation at my college. Got his book autographed, too. I think there are more, but I can't think of them now!!

7. Shaming Fact -- I always told myself I would never date a married man. Kept that promise. Also told myself I would never date a guy with a serious girlfriend. Broke that one spectacularly. There was a guy I worked with that I had a huge crush on, but I knew he had a girlfriend, so I just was firendly, not even friends with him. Then, we met up at a mutual friend's puppet show and he showed a lot of interest(had briefly broken up with live-in girlfriend), but I dismissed it. A couple months later we started to be friends, going to lunch together or in a group. Then we would work out together. Somehow we started liking each other. he claimed he wanted to get out of the relationship, but she was making it difficult and he felt sorry for her. He also felt he owed her something because she helped him after he got off of drugs. Well, anyway, we started seeing each other secretly. She knew. She threatened. It didn't deter me. I was moving to Florida, too, and really didn't expect it to get serious, but it did. I thought he would join me eventually. I believed at the time(and still do) that this girl was not good for him , BUT I should never ever have been dating him while he was still with her. I wish now we had tried to stay friends(instead of dating) and maybe I could have been a good influence on him or something. I heard he ended up marrying this girl, but wasn't happy(gee, I wonder why). Oh, did I mention that while we were dating she found out she had a serious illness?? We still continued to see each other. How awful were we??? Ironic fact here... her family and her and even him moved to KANSAS for awhile. South of here. I heard they went back to California, but who knows??? My fear is that I will run into them down in Wichita or at a state fair. My husband even had a funeral down in the town they lived in!! Needless to say, I learned my lesson with that and it is one of my biggest life regrets.

8. Fact About Me -- I have dimples in my shoulders(family trait) and a 3rd nipple, supposedly. It is tiny. I thought it was a birthmark, but a doctor looked at it and said it was a 3rd nipple. It is on my torso, under my right bosum. It looks like a birthmark, but if you look closely it looks like a nipple.

9. Relative Facts -- My birthday is the same day as my Cousin Laura's paternal grandmother's. Cousin Laura's birthday is the same day as my paternal grandmother's (we are related through our mothers). My birthday is the same day as my mother in law's.

10. Can't Think of Another Fact Fact -- aside from my high school boyfriend, all of the guys I dated before my husband were older. I preferred it that way. Then I met my husband and married him and he is 8 years younger!!

Okay, that's it. I am supposed to tag 7 people. Let's see here...

1. Ida -- oh lookee, she already did it!!
2. Jessica -- she did it too!! too easy!!
3. Kim -- she hasn't done it.
4. Suzanne -- I remembered you this time!!
5. Jennifer P. -- who may be doing it right now because she reads Ida's blog, too.
6. Sharon -- you know you want to!!
7. You, reader!! --- because I don't have anymore followers or people I know that read this!!


Jennifer P. said...

I haven't got to blog since Dec. 22, so I am probably waaaaay out of practice to be taking on any tags right now, but GIRL!!!--I laughed so hard at #3. I am now going to do that all the time and ESPECIALLY if there are other ladies in the restroom with me :)!~

Anonymous said...

3. Lol, I am laughing so much that I am going to faint!!! I will think of you every time now when I see those sencors...

Thanks for your response Robyn. I knew I could count on you. :)