Sunday, January 4, 2009

Late night ramblings

I think that the tylenol with codeine, while still effective at curbing my cough, has waned a bit on making me sleepy. I guess my body got too used to it!! Not sure I would try driving a car yet, but it does not knock me out as it used to. Of course, sleeping past noon can also counter-effect this side affect as well!!

Anyway......did you know there is a blog for and about and by Mormons called Times and Seasons and they are hosting a contest for Mormon of the Year??? Amazingly, I am not on that list. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. It is for someone who has had a huge impact on Mormonism or the Mormon community in the past year. That would not be me. I can't even make it to church most Sundays!!

I am determined to go tomorrow(well, actually, today), though. This is the last week we are subbing in Primary and I do not want to make poor TJ handle our group alone!! In addition to it being big, we have a couple kiddos who are, shall we say...spirited? I think we need a Para in there!! Oh wait, that is probably what i am supposed to be for, LOL!!

A friend asked me if that was our new calling... teaching Primary. Thank goodness, no. I used to want to teach Primary, but now that I work with kids 5 days a week, 9 hours a day, it is nice to have a little break on the weekends. Plus, my husband is already a Scout leader so I don't think they would give him another calling in the Primary and I am never at church. We did sign up as subs, though. Other than that, I think we are safe. Now watch, I'll get called to the Primary!!!

What else did I want to talk about? Oh yeah, gratitude. I have been inspired by ida's blog today, and other blogs I read to start listing things I am grateful for at the end of blog posts so here goes..

1. I am grateful for my blog.
2. I am grateful for a great husband
3. I am grateful for a crazy cat.
4. I am grateful for my friends.

I will probably try to stick with one in the future, that relates to my post.

BTW, I am failing miserably at resolution number 1 to drink more water and to drink a bottle before anyhting else!! I am hoping that the routine of work will change that. Doing good on the scripture reading, but we forgot the prayer tonight!! We had to tweak it a bit and we still pray on our knees, but on the bed because the floor is too hard, especially with my knee problems.

Anyone else having trouble with their resolutions?

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