Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Lovely day I am going to Enjoy

Happy New Year everyone!! I started my day off by sleeping in and then catching most of the Rose Parade from Pasadena, CA. I thought only HGTV would carry it here in Kansas, but ABC and NBC had it as well, but the picture on HGTV was so much better and they had less commercials. It looked like a beautiful day in California, but cold. It was nice to see the Rose Parade again. I also discovered a Brady Bunch marathon on TV Land!! Gives me plenty of opportunities to practice my Brady Bunch episodes identifying skills!! Of course, it also helps that they have a theme today and the theme is Jan Brady!!

TJ has left for a New Years Day ride with the motorcycle gangs. I am hoping to take advantage of his absence by taking down our Christmas tree and maybe starting on the house decorations. Normally I don't like to do that so early, but I need to take advantage of the free time I have. I also need to do a little rearranging in the livingroom :)

I have already broken one of my resolutions and that was to not drink anything until I had my bottle of water, but with good reason. TJ went to Burger King and brought me back a meal with a frozen coke so I needed to drink that. I did manage to drink half the bottle of water!! It is a resolution I can easily resume, though. I plan to keep the other 2 tonight(scripture reading and praying on my knees).

Now to my words for 2009. Ali Edwards does this thing where she chooses a word for the year and that is her focus. This blog explains it. I have chosen the word ENJOY. My focus is to enjoy everyday. Enjoy the little and big things. Enjoy my life.

(Excuse my while I go identify a Brady Bunch episode.............practical jokes!! That one stumped me!! Took me longer than 30 seconds, but still under a minute!!)

Okay, I have also decided that my new favorite word is LOVELY. I like this word because it has a musical sound and it just suggests good things. It can describe how something looks or a feeling. It is a delicate word. One of my dear readers uses this word a lot on my comments and I just love it!! It is lovely!! So, that is my other word for 2009. Not so much a focus as a word I would like to use more :)

Is anyone else going to choose a word for 2009? Did anyone watch the Rose Parade? Brady Bunch marathon?

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