Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More thoughts on yesterday

I heard on the radio this morning that before the inauguration yesterday, when Bush was leaving that he go booed. That is just wrong. But it certainly says something.

First of all, I do not care for George Bush at all. I have no respect for him (except for how he handled the aftermath of 9/11 -- I do respect his actions concerning that). However, I would never ever boo him in a public place(I might in the privacy of my own livingroom in front of my husband and cat). That is just disrespectful, rude, and tasteless. It shows no class. And being that it was on such a large scale and shown all over, it didn't make America look good. Booing is for wrestling matches and when bad calls are made in sports. If it were me there, I just would not have clapped.

However, it does say something doesn't it? About how strongly people feel about his leadership.


Clarification -- when I said booing at wrestling matches I meant "professional" wrestling because it is fake and booing is part of the fun!! LOL. Also, at sports events in general I did not mean boo for teams or players, I meant boo if the ref makes a bad call(which i guess in a way is booing the other team because obviously if you are booing that means they didn;t rule in your team's favor!!). i guess it's rude to the ref, too, so maybe we shouldn;t boo at all. But pro wrestling is okay!!

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suzanne pena said...

actually, i believe booing at sport events is a no-no, too. it shows bad sportsmanship. it always surprises me when the opposing team is booed as they come onto the court/field. it isn't necessary.
in this case, the booing for bush was also unnecessary. i think the message was already sent when obama was elected. i agree with you that to boo is classless and ugly behavior. there are too many times when we are "ugly americans." there are also times when we rise above that and it's a shame we can't show it more often. this would have been the opportunity.