Monday, January 19, 2009

Out of Touch

I have been without internet for 4 days!!!!!! No, make that 3!!! It felt like a week, though!! it was not my fault either this time. I paid the bill(before the grace period). There was an outtage in our area. They did say it would be back up today and they were right :) I have been checking the lights on my DSL box all day.

I will have a weekend recap later. Right now I am in the middle of some major cleaning. I mean REAL cleaning (it involves bleach, people!!). We are cleaning up the livingroom and moving TJ's stereo table back in its original place so we need to opragnize that and then I have to organize our game shelves because they are a disaster. TJ cleaned the floor. We even broke out the new floor cleaner I bought the day after Thanksgiving($9 at Walmart). I also cleaned the upstairs bathroom (with bleach!!), including my least favorite job -- the bathtub!! I also went as far to clean the tiles on the walls :) I also learned that you cannot use bleach with a natural sponge :( It falls apart. Oops. TJ is going to clean the floor in there.

I am also in the middle of catching up on a week's worth(or 2) of laundry. Next I plan to clean the downstairs bathroom (no tub!!). If I feel up to it I will straighten up the coat closet and if I really feel ambitious I will work on the diningroom!! With TJ doing all the floors of course :) My goal for the week is to get the kitchen cleaned which means getting all the dishes done and put away(they are piling up), washing down the counters with bleach, and cleaning out the refrigerator. And of course the floor, but that is for TJ. ha! If I get done earlier than planned I work on the laundry room, too!! Then, on Saturday, it's our room and closet. I am counting on all of you to hold me accountable to these things!!

Okay, break time is over -- back to the cleaning!!

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