Monday, January 5, 2009

Right Here Right Now

Lisa Bearnson did this on her blog today and invited others to try it so here is mine :)

Right Now:

Out of my window -- Blackness with lights on the hill. There are also 2 porch lights on at a duplex on the next street over so I can see their carports :)

I am wearing: pajamas. Fleece bottoms that are pale pink with candy pink candycanes. Very pink short sleeved pajama top with a couple of small holes. Suede colored slippers with "fur" lining.

I am hearing: The TV in the bedroom. I have on the Rock of Love Charm School Reunion. I am also hearing myself type. I can also hear the TV downstairs.

I am thinking: That I am not gonna catch up to one of my 5th graders in the afterschool program in the book, New Moon, as I was going to try to. I am like on Page 30 and he was over 100!! I wonder what my husbadn is watching. Do I really want to listen to rock of Love Charm School reunion? Do I feel up to making cards this evening. I should check on the laundry. Something bled and turned a couple things pink. I am pissed that my husband is still on funeral detail and they still haven't even found a replacement for him.

I am thankful for: so many things. my husband, my cat, my job, my family, my friends, my house, my life.

I am creating: cards for Valentine's day. I also need to work on my 2008 scrapbook.

I am going: to finish reading blogs and then try to read another chapter in new Moon. Also going to read scriptures with TJ tonight. I am going to work again tomorrow.

I am reading: New Moon and the Doctrine and Covenants(LDS scriptures).

Around the house: it is a mess!! trying to slowly get it cleaned up.

One of my favorite things: Lying in bed with my husband, not quite asleep, but totally relaxed, aware that he is next to me.

A few plans for the rest of this week: Work!! Walmart to get a bigger tub so we can finish undecorating, Commissary for much needed groceries, TJ has meetings galore, birthday party on Saturday and HOG Christmas party.

I am hoping: that we can find a big enough tub and get all our decorations down and put away!!

Now, you can blog about this as well :). No tagging, just an open invitation.

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Anonymous said...

"Also going to read scriptures with TJ tonight. I am going to work again tomorrow."

Such a nice habbit to do it together!!! It really brings a couple together.