Saturday, January 24, 2009

Scout Has Something To say

Hello, this is Scout, Mommy's cat, and I need to say something about that picture up there. I do not know why Mommy put that up, that is not a good picture of me!!

Mommy says I was looking evilly at her when she was on the computer, but that is not true. Clearly I was just showing my disapproval at her paying attention to the computer, rather than me. She also says it looks like I have taken over her craft table, which is so not true!!! I just like to lie on it and if I happen to be in the way, oh well!!

I fully expect that this unflattering picture of me will be taken down soon. I think that a nicer picture of me can be found. Or maybe a picture of my most favorite thing in the world -- olives!!! Or how about that one of me with my bunny? That one was a keeper!!

Please, Mommy's friends, ask her to put up a different picture!! Do you really want to look at that when you check her blog?

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