Monday, January 12, 2009

So Over This Day

It hasn't been a great Monday. I guess it started off okay, except my knees were in a lot of pain and it took forever for the Naproxen to kick in and even when it did it was extremely hard for me to get up from the floor or the low kindergarten chairs. Also, I took TJ's car to work because supposedly it was supposed to snow this afternoon(never did. not even rain) and it needed gas. tried to get some at Aafes and the pump said to see cashier. I did not have time for that so I didn't get it. This meant I had to get it after work when the wind was blowing and it was FREEZING. 10 degrees.

Work was fine. I had to do lunch recess duty and it was nice(a little chilly, but the wind wasn't blowing too hard yet). We had an assembly to kick off our anti-bullying campaign. Afterschool program was fine, too.

Then I went home. First I stopped at McDonalds and got some fries to go with the leftover hamburgers I made last night. I also got a coke and cookies. When I got home TJ was gone. Plus, he did not leave the light on for me. Plus I had to park on the street so there was room for my car when he got back since he usually leaves before me. So what happens as I am walking in the dark? I trip on the sidewalk where it meets the grass!! I went down, scraped my already freezing cold hands(I had taken off my gloves) and spill most of the fries and all of the Coke. I call TJ in tears and pissed off to find out where he was. He had a biker gang meeting I forgot about. At least my cookies were saved.

Then, when I am upstairs in the bathroom, trying to fill the sink with water for Scout, the stopper comes out and now I can't drain the sink(because the plug is down and stuck). I swear, this house is out to get me. It needs a blessing. It has even recruited the driveway and lawn now LOL!!

So, you'd think that would be it, but noooooooo. TJ comes home and informs me that the replacement the battalion got for him for funeral detail (oh yeah, they finally got one for him) will not start training until next week. Which conveniently screws TJ out of another 4 day weekend. Oh, but how nice that the new guy gets to have his before going on the detail. Never mind that this is the 4th month that TJ will not get a 4 day(unless, miraculously, there are no funerals over the weekend). Feels like we are back in D Troop(the worst Army unit ever).

I know. I should just be glad that TJ is here even and not deployed, but stuff like this really ticks me off.

Well, there are a couple of good things ending my day. The Lake House was on and The Bachelor. Yay. Oh, and I got my February issue of Creating Keepsakes. See, I can find the bright side to a crappy day :)

How was everyone else's Monday? Better than mine, I hope. Usually Tuesdays are my worst days.


Starshine said...

If you're into the Bachelor, one of my friends writes hilarious recaps of each episode. Check her out at:

Bummer that you had a poopy day. :(

Brett said...

Mondays for me are normally gone before i've noticed, lots of blogging to catch up with after the weekend then the busiest day at work, so time just flys by.

Robyn :) said...

Thank you for the comments!!

Starshine, I checked out that website -- it is awesome!!

Brett, Mondays are usually better and busier for me, too, but that one was just off. However, my normally worst day, Tuesday, was just fine :)