Thursday, January 1, 2009

Some Final Thoughts on New Years Day

My tylenol with codeine is kicking in so I better blog before I am incoherent!!

I finished Twilight today. I really really enjoyed it. It is a good book, beautifully written. I can't wait to read the next one(I skipped buying it at B&N because I figured I could get it cheaper at Walmart, but they were out of it!!) and may need to make a trip into Manhattan for it tomorrow. I do not, however, want to see the movie. Why? Because I think they miscast Edward. Or they cast him all right, but made him look too freakish!! I swear, that is not what he is supposed to look like!! Not freaky!! So, I don't want to keep seeing him as the movie version when I read so I will wait. I do think they did a good job with Bella, though.

I just made several cards. I swear, whenever I take medicine that is supposed to knock you out, for the first hour or 2 it makes me hyper-focused and able to do stuff like make things or watch TV without flipping the channels every 5 minutes. Seriously. No wonder people get addicted!! I am trying to take them only at night and when they are gone, they are gone. I will take pictures of the cards tomorrow when the light is better and then try to post them as well. I have some more sunset pictures, too, I took this evening. I was on a creative kick.

I still haven't finished my bottle of water, but am working on it. I am getting ready to go downstairs to read scriptures with TJ(it's a short chapter tonight)and then I will at least say my prayers on my knees. Not sure I will be awake for family prayer(we do that at bedtime). It's bad to break your resolutions on the first day, which I partly did today with the Frozen Coke, but I honestly didn't know he was going to get me that.

It was a good, lazy day today. I never did get dressed, but my pajamas feel soo good. We will try to be more productive tomorrow by taking down the tree, decorations, and maybe moving some furniture (did I already mention this in my last post?).

How was everyone else's New Years day????

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