Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Some Random Stuff

Okay, first of all, my friend, Kim, sent me a link to this website...www.sketchswap.com. You draw something and then submit it, and in return you see someone else's sketch!! Completely random!! However, I submit things like a stick figure and a heart with a face and I get back amazing sketches of Samurai's and a cartoon lady and her dog!! LOL!!!

Both of my bathrooms are clean and it felt really nice taking a shower yesterday and a bath today in the newly clean shower/bath combo!! Not that it was bad before, but it's nice to know it was just clean. Not so nice -- artillery practice starting when I began my bath(kind of killed the peaceful mood) and hitting my head on the soap dish.

I tried my water committment again today and succeeded. Modified it a bit. I am allowing myself to get a soda at lunch if I have not finished my water, but no more soda until the water is gone and that worked good for me. It means I don't get a soda in the morning(unless I chug a whole bottle!!) Right now I am on 20 oz bottles, but I will increase it probably in March. I finished the bottle less than an hour after lunch, too. I also got a 10 oz bottle at a meeting today and am planning to finish that off tonight. So, maybe in February I will drink 30 ounces!!

My knees hurt pretty bad today, but I have started to remember to take the Glucosimine Chondroiton tablets I have with every meal, so maybe those will help more. If not, I need to go back to the doctor and see what else they can do for me. It was very hard to get out of chairs and nearly impossible to get up from the floor today. this also means no exercise bike, which is really one of the only things I can do inside besides Tae Bo(and some of that will not work with the bad legs). I wish it were warm enough to walk, because I have no problem with walking. I guess I could also go to the gym, but after working 9 hours a day I really don't feel like it. A walk after dinner would be nice, though :)

Okay, that's all. That's my life right now.

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