Monday, January 19, 2009

Some Things About Me

I got this from the fabulous Jessica, who got it from the fabulous Jen(I need to add her to my list of blogs!!).

Just some stuff you may or may not know....

I Am: very reserved on the outside, but extremely outgoing once you get to know me(which could be in a matter of minutes!!)

I Want: to enjoy life

I Have: wonderful people in my life

I Wish: I had done some things differently, but I guess I wouldn't be here or the person I am today, then!!

I Fear: death. Mine and others'. Except for deer and pill bugs.

I Hear: 2 different TV's

I Search: for unique stuff

I Wonder: if I will ever be a mom(to a human. I am a cat mom)

I Regret: a few things

I Love: God, my husband, my cat, my family, my friends, my enemies

I Always: wear my seatbelt

I Usually: drink soda everyday. bad habit I am trying to break

I Am Not: skinny!! LOL

I Dance: for fun

I Sing: in the shower, in the car and to my cat

I Never: have smoked a cigarrette. Ever. Even before I became a Mormon

I Rarely: have a desire to clean, but today I sure did!!

I Cry: mostly out of frustration

I Am Not Always: easy to live with

I’m Confused: by how stupid some people seem to be. it reinforces my belief that we did not evolve from animals because there is no natural selection among humans

I Need: more money and to get myself healthier, especially if I want to have a baby.

I Should: pay some bills, but I'm tired.

You can do this too :)


Anonymous said...

Hi! I thought some of your answers were too cute! I always wear my seatbelt too. LOL!

Yes, the coke thing works, I don't know about stains, but it gets rust off easier than it is to breathe, and from what I hear it is a wonderful de-greaser too. I have never tried it, but I have heard that if you get heavy duty grease on clothing, put the clothing in the wash and pour in a liter of coke, use detergent and you have grease free clothes.
Like, I said though, I have never tried that before.


Jessica said...

Oh I'm so glad you did this! You should definitely start following Jen! Her blog is great! :)