Sunday, January 11, 2009

Um, okay....

I was watching the Girls Next Door and Hugh Hefner claimed he was the greatest scrapbooker of all time. Um, yeah, sure Hef. Actually, his scrapbooks were more like photo albums, BUT he has 2000 of them!!!!! They have their own room, are all in black binders(probably leather bound), and are stored in glass cased shelves. Impressive.

Moving on.... I had a pretty boring day. I had a bad stomach ache last night so I took medicine and it knocked me out allnight and morning. I did not make it to church. I was awake for like 2 hours this morning then went back to sleep until 3!!! then i read blogs and then had some cereal then watched Tv and looked at some scrapbooks(hmmm, sounds like their was a slight theme to my day!! LOL). Then I made dinner and then took a bath and watched a little TV and am back on the computer. Very boring, but restful. I am ready for a work week!!

I also talked to my mom and found out that she has seen every episode of the Suite Life of Zach and Cody while they were still in the hotel, thanks to ABC kids programming on Saturday morning. She also watches Hannah Montana and That's So Raven and the Power Rangers(one of my kiddos at school is gonna LOVE that!!). She says there is nothing else on. She also claims she knows most of the dialog from Zach and Cody episodes!!

Scout has had a boring day, too. Mostly he stayed with me. For a long time today he would not leave the room I was in until I left. he tried going outside, but stayed out only a minute. It was either too cold or something scared him. We also have this new thing where I will put him on my shoulder either while on the computer or walking around and he will stay there for about 5 minutes!! So cute.

Well, that was my boring day. Tomorrow should be fun, We get to wear jeans to work and our We Belong t-shirts to kick off our anti-bullying campaign!!

What did everyone else do this weekend? Anyone make it to church??

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Sharon said...

Took pictures, played on the Wii, went to the store yesterday and bought a new scale and just relaxed. I did actually make it to church today which was nice, the first time in 3 weeks. My back has been too bad to go the other weeks, and it was bad today, but I still went. Jacob is in the primary now and we live 30 minutes away so if I go I have to stay the whole 3 hour block, not easy to do with back pain. But, I made it today. :) Other then that, pretty boring. Blogged a little....