Saturday, January 10, 2009

What Happens at the Poes...

....stays at the Poes. And gets shared on my blog Ha!!

Okay, from looking at these you may be wondering what the heck we were doing....

Nope, not torture.

Nope, not training terrorists either.

It's Pin the Tail on the Donkey, of course!!! They decided that the adults needed to play, too. And as for the toddler? Well, he wouldn't put down his toy gun so I got that disturbing photo.

The party was so much fun!! They kept it real simple with just cake and icecream and fun games(everyone won a prize -- we had to do a little cheating with HSM Bingo!!) and a pinata and goody bags. Alli opened my present first and she got a lot of awesome things including a big barbie house!! Kenny and his mom made the cake and it was so yummy. I got to play paparazzi. One of Alli's friends and neighbors is one of my kindergartners so it was fun to see her outside of school. I had such a great time and was too pooped to go to the HOG party later!! TJ went without me :) I got to have a little time to myself working on the livingroom, redoing my Schwann's list and taking a shower.

Church tomorrow!!

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