Monday, February 16, 2009

4-Day 4

Top 4 events of my 4 day weekend!!

1. Lunch at Outback in Topeka. Not only was the food exceptionally good(especially the soup I was craving!), the service was outstanding!!

2. Valentine bowling. In the first game I bowled 123, a personal best!! The games were only $1.50 per couple so we bowled 4 games for only $9.00!!! They also had free fruit and a chocolate fountain!! Plus good music. Plus they turned off the lights and had disco and black lights so my ball glowed!!

3. Staying up till 5am last night to watch the Sixth Sense, Brady Bunch and some other stuff. I had taken a 5 hour nap earlier in the day and since I didn't have to work today I just stayed up!!

4. Moving the computer down to the livingroom. Now I can spend more time with my hubby as I am not isolated in the craft room!!

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