Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Big P

Purging I mean. And not the purging I was doing Thursday(yuck, I know). Purging blogs. I had to go through and delete a few I had bookmarked that I don't read that much or am just not interested in anymore. It kind of broke my heart, but there are so many others that I enjoy daily(or did before this flu got me down)that I needed to simplify a bit.

I need to purge some stuff in this house, too. I do this somewhat yearly. I don't like Spring cleaning so I am going to do Winter cleaning (who wants to be stuck inside cleaning when the weather is getting nice??). Starting next weekend. I have a 4 day weekend so this week I am going to just rest every evening after work and then Friday and Monday I am going to work on the house. Saturday I will spend with TJ doing some fun stuff. Like going to Topeka. I'd like to go to Olive Garden for lunch. But part of cleaning will be getting stuff together for the Goodwill and thrift store. And taking it there!! Along with the bulging plastic bags full of plastic bags I have!! I save them for the DAV Thrift store and they are out of control. Although they have come in quite handy recently.

Anyway, that is my plan for the week. If I have not commented on your blog in awhile it is probably because I have not had a chance to read it lately!!


Jessica said...

I have been cleaning top to bottom. I'm off half a day tomorrow and I'm going to tackle the closets. Yikes! I really dread it.

I also need to clean out some of my blogs. I have so many marked that I never read.

Kim said...

I hear you, Jessica. Me too!