Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Chinese Food and Starbucks and Game Stop Oh My!!

Just 3 of the things that make the new PX so much better than the old!! The grand opening isn't until the 13th, but the food court is open so i went there for dinner and got some Chinese Food. Not a huge selection, but they only have so much space! While getting my drink, I saw that there is also a Starbucks!! Chocolate Chip Frappachino--yay!! It's a good thing I don't drink coffee anymore because I would go broke having that so close. We don't even have one in JC. Lastly, there will be a Game Stop in the PX, which is cool, but it could also be dangerous LOL!!

TJ is at a range this evening. It is like 10 degrees out, poor thing. Oh well. It beats funeral detail!! He should get a four day next weekend. I am actually glad he is back on ranges, including night ones, because it helps to better prepare for deployment. I can get used to him not being here. It was easier when I was in the apartment because I moved in there while he was deployed so I was used to being in that home without him, but not this one.

I had grand plans for this evening. I was going to catch up on all the blogs I read and then clean up the livingroom while watching the Housewives, but that all went out the window!! First, I stopped for the Chinese food. Then I ate that while watching TV. Then I blogged instead of reading blogs!! I had no motivation or energy to clean or anything. I watched the Housewives in my room.

I have made the decision, though, to move the computer this weekend downstairs. I am on it so much and it would just be better if I had it in the same room TJ watches TV so at least we are spending time together!! And I can watch TV!! The only reason I have it in the craft room is so I can get card ideas from ones I have copied from the internet. I can go back to taking pictures of what i have and using that. Plus I just got a 2 year subscription to Papercrafts Magazine so I can use those. I just need to let TJ know that he has to help me move it!! He should be happy, though, because he gets to rearrange furniture!!

One more thing before I go.... we did not get our free breakfast this morning, though we tried. We got up early and drove in 2 cars all the way down to Denny's, but everyone else had the same idea and there would have been an hour wait. Both of us would have been late for work, then. So we came back home and went back to bed for awhile. Scout was happy.

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Jennifer P. said...

I would not have gone anywhere near Denny's on free breakfast day :). Also, I agree with you: good thing I don't drink coffee! They sure make that stuff look appealing, don't they?!?!