Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Crazy kind of day

Okay, so this was my day.... wake up and there was a light dusting of snow on the ground(yesterday it was nearly 70 degrees). Okay. Step outside to drive to work and it is SNOWING. And I don't mean flurries or just a little dusting. There were BIG FAT FLAKES of snow coming down!! All the way to work. Enough to coat everything. Then, during afterschool program today we take the kids outside to play because it is in the 50's and NO trace of this morning's snow anywhere.

Maybe Al Gore is right about this global warming thing.

Despite the weird wether stuff I had a pretty good day. I watched one class make Valentine boxes, another make Valentine truck car holders and another decorate envelopes and then decorated one myself(I had some help, though). I got my first Valentine today (well, technically second because TJ and I got a card from my mom yesterday) from one of the kiddos -- a card attached to a Hershey's bar!!! Yum!!!

The kids do not have school on Friday so we are celebrating Valentines Day tomorrow. It is also Abraham Lincoln's birthday and since our school is named after him we celebrate that as well!! So big day.

This evening I will be working on Valentines for 3 classes, plus staff. Nothing like waiting until the night before!!

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