Sunday, February 22, 2009

Knutty for Knitting

A bunch of us at work have taken up knitting. Not regular knitting, but easy knitting. With the Knifty Knitting tools. The smallest one looks like this....

It is $4.97 and come with a hook. The package says it is for making flowers, but you can make a thin scarf with it like this...

The craze started with one of my coworkers, Nancy, who brought in a set of these things in different sizes ($11.97). Round ones. She made a baby hat with one. Then my firend, Sandy, borrowed one(slightly bigger than mine) and started making a scarf. Another friend, Shelbi, bought the rectangular set and started to make a blanket. I then bought the little one. So we are all knitting. I figured once I got the hang of this small one I would by the bigger ones to make a blanket. I am going to borrow one of Nancy's, too, to make a door stopper for the front door!!.

So that is my new hobby.

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