Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More Mall Dream Musings

This should probably be the last one.

Though most of the malls I dream about are not specific in the dreams and may resemble many different malls I have been to(my dad and I had a hobby of visiting different malls. I have been to over 50 in my life), there is one mall that I dream about the most and that is the now extinct Whitwood mall.

The Whitwood mall was the one closest to my home growing up. It was very small. Only one wing until they built the Mervyns and then it was in an L shape. i loved that mall because it was close, had a good variety of stores(despite being smaller) and I knew where every store was.

However, I beiieve it was the catalyst for my scary mall dreams. As I mentioned before, the dreams usually have a wing or anchor store that is dark. In the Whitwood mall when I was a kid, one of the anchor stores was Broadway(long out of buisiness now) and if you stood on the other end of the mall(by JC Penney's!!)it looked dark because the wall with the braodway sign was dark!! I had many scary mall dreams about that mall and that end being dark.

I still dream about the Whitwood mall and the dreams are a little different now. See, in real life, they tore down the Whitwood mall and turened it into a "Town Center" It's a bunch of stores in an outdoor setting. Not an outdoor mall as they are not closed in. The dreams I have now are that they remodeled or in the middle of remodeling the mall, but it is still the mall. And usually the Penney's end is the one with the stores out of business. Curiously, though, that end is not dark, just empty!!

Just for your information, when the Broadway went out of business, Sears moved in. That is still there. Mervyns stayed, too, but now has gone out of business. Penney's is still there. It was a 2 story building, but they sealed up the second floor so they only use the bottom. They toom the escalators out(thank goodness!!) and it doesn't look like there ever was a second floor!! But there was and is, technically).

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