Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Real Scary Mall

Yesterday I wrote about the scary mall dreams I have had all my life. Today i am going to tell you about the time my dremas seemed to come true!!

There is a mall in California called the Puente Hills Mall. You may be familiar with this mall's parking lot. Ever see the movie Back to the Future? The mall parking lot where they are driving the Delorean? That's it. You can even see JC Penneys which figures prominently in this story ....

One evening while in college my roommate and best friend, Bonnie, decided that we wanted to go to this mall. We walk in the entrance near Sears and when we get to the center and I look down to JC Penneys I see.. darkness!! JC Penney's was dark(it was out of business)!!! I nearly fainted. All my life I had many a scary dream that resembled this!! I quickly explained this to Bonnie and said that we had to go down there. I had to face my scary mall dream fears. Sio we are walking down to that wing and it gets worse. Many of the stores at that end are also dark. It was just like in my dreams.

Then we reached the store. I walk up to the windows to look into the darkened store....and I couldn't do it!! I swear, I started shaking and my heart was beating fast and I almost had an anxiety attack. Just like in my dreams. We quickly left that area.

I still have the dreams.

The mall is not like that anymore. They remodeled and now there are new stores where JC Penney's stood.


Jennifer P. said...

I have been in a trailer that looked out on a park that I use to dream a man came out of and killed me. SCARY stuff! Not as scary as an out of business JC Penneys, but... :) Glad you faced your fear!

Robyn :) said...

LOL!!! Well, I didn't really face my fear because I could not look into the window at all.