Monday, February 23, 2009

Scary Mall Dreams

Have I ever told you about the scary mall dreams I have had all my life? If I haven't the short explanation is that ever since I was a kid I have had dreams where I am in a mall and where most of the stores are closed and dark or a whole section of the mall is like this and it scares me. I have to turn the other way or close my eyes, otherwise I get filled with dread and anxiety. I have a couple interpretations of this and where this comes from.

Anyway, the other night I had a strange twist on this dream.

I was in a big city(I think it was supposed to be Atlanta for some reason) on some kind of business and in a building. I think I was going out for lunch and I exited one side of the building and was going to walk up the street. There was a mall about a block away with a couple of anchor department stores. They had gone out of business so they were imploding those stores!! I could not stand to watch that or to see the stores that were not yet imploded standing empty. I had to go back to the building and exit the other side and take a detour(I think I was going to take a car this time) to avoid seeing the stores and mall destroyed.


Let me know if you would like to hear about the time I actually had one of these dreams practically come true!


Kim said...

Wow. At first I was going to say empty malls aren't a dream...after all, you remember Whitwood! Interesting dreams!

Jessica said...

Very interesting! I love stories of dreams. Please share! :)