Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Accountability from a Second Grader

If you have been reading my blog for awhile you know that I have a lot of trouble making to church on Sundays. Either I am too tired, not feeling well or wanting to watch Moving Up(just kidding!! sort of).

One thing that helped me make it to at least Sacrament Meeting was telling myself that if I got tired or wasn't feeling well I could leave after that and not stay for classes. However, my husband now works in the Primary and has to stay to teach his class so I can't leave :( Or go out to the car because it is still cold. So that further deters me from going sometimes.

Well, those days may be ending. Because now I have a little voice holding me accountable when I don't go to church. That little voice is one of the second graders at school!!

There are only 2 kiddos in my school(brother and sister) who go to my church. They just started about a month or so ago. The second grader is thrilled that she goes to the same church as me. Which is awesome. Except for one thing.... she notices when I am not there!! She said to me on Monday "I didn't see you at church yesterday". Not accusingly or anything, but more like surprised. Then today she says to me "I'll see you at church on Sunday" as I walked past her desk(I'm normally not in her class).

So now I am going to have to try EXTRA hard to make it every Sunday because I am being held accountable by a second grader!!!


Anonymous said...

Darn kids! LOL! They do have a way of doing that...I was warned by my four year old niece that "stupid" wasn't a nice word, and no, I couldn't use it to describe something that isn't alive with feelings, such as a law or telephone pole!

Can you believe them? LOL!

Robyn :) said...

I've gotten that, too, indirectly. At an FRG(army wives) meeting I said something about someone or something being stupid and the little girl in front of me says to her mom "she said a bad word!!"