Thursday, March 5, 2009

Anxiety Dreams

Scary Malls are not the only things I regularly dream about (though I think I had another one the other night). I also have dreams that can best be described as anxiety dreams or stress dreams.

One that I have once in awhile is that I need to find an outfit to wear for something specific and I have many choices in my closet and keep changing my mind and then start to run late. Then I wake up.

Other times I dream that I am cleaning something up and the mess just seems to get bigger, or there was more than I thought, or I am working really slow and I just never finish or worry I will not finish or am then late for something.

When I still lived in California at home and had my guppies I used to dream that the bowl spilled and they were on the carpet and I had to get them back in the bowl and I kept finding more. This turned me off of ever having pet fish again!!!

Mostly I dream that I am taking college classes and that there is one or two that I have forgotten to attend all semester and there is no way I can catch up and I know that I am going to have to take a failing grade. I dream about that ALOT.

Anyone care to analyze?

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