Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dark Bathrooms

No, this is not about more dreams. This is an actual fear I had as a child!! Or an anxiety. And I have no idea why.

I was afraid to go into public restrooms that were dark. I would go out to eat with my parents and ask my dad to go check and see if his bathroom was dark. Sometimes I didn't think the mens were same and still would not go.

The worst ones were at JoJo's restaurant and upstairs in JC Penney's. The absolute best public bathroom I have ever been to that was also super bright was at Bobby Burns at Fashion Island. I remember it had yellow flowered wallpaper :)

I don't have this anxiety anymore, but Carmines restaurant in Ybor City, Florida had a rathger creepy one. It wasn't dark. But I think because it had such high ceilings and was kinda bare it kind of freaked me out. My best friend, Bonnie, thought the same thing.

I also did not like dark elevators, but can only remember one that sufficiently freaked me out and that was the one at the May Company at Brea Mall. It had like 4 tiny lights in the ceiling. Upstairs it opened into the corrider where the restaurant was, but downstairs it was like in a tucked away hallway and that freaked me out, too!!

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