Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dark Grocery Stores

Okay, I totally forgot about my grocery store dreams. An offshoot of the scary mall dreams. Once in awhile I dream I am in a scary grocery store. Like the mall, one end or section is dark. And/or empty. Creepy.

We used to have a Food For Less in town and they had more space than they needed so in the back of the store between the aisles and the back wall there was a lot of empty space. This, combined with the unnaturally BRIGHT light in the store, not to mention the lack of customers, freaked me out a bit the first time I went there (looking for Alpha Bits. I found them on another visit!!). I was feeling a little anxious, but was laughing about the fact that I felt anxious.

Food For Less went out of business. I have not dreamed about it being dark empty :) A church is renovating it for their new location. I think that helps :)

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